Do You Have An Alter Ego?


Ask a psychologist what an alter ego is and he’ll say, “It’s a personality disorder in which a person exhibits multiple, distinct personalities.”

Ask a writer and he’ll refer you to The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Pose the question to a second grader and he might say, “It’s when you go to church and enter as one person, but when you leave you’re another.”

The ladies at my church will say, “Tracy’s Alter Ego emerged the night neon streaks of lightning flashed and thunder rumbled down the alley.”

They’re referring to Friday night. The night my French manicure and shoes glowed in the dark. The night my name and seventeen other names popped up on three overhead screens in the bowling alley.

I hadn’t bowled a game in four years. After five dismal frames, my Alter Ego’s cocky attitude emerged.

Blood surged through her veins. The next four frames, her bowling ball crashed into bottom heavy pins for a spare, a strike, and two more spares. Yeah!

One frame remained. She glanced up at the other two boards. She twisted around, squinted through the darkness, and zeroed in on her rival. “No no no! She’s four point ahead.” She scraped her teeth over a tongue that tasted like gritty sand. Then she tuned out claps of thunder, spit into her hands, threw back her shoulders, and dashed down the lane. Her hips swiveled and the shiny black object rumbled down the glassy surface.


The Alter Ego’s lips split into a Cheshire grin. After all, with a marksman’s aim, she knocked down five pins for her second strike of the evening.

Her rubber soles squeaked, sliding across the floor. She elbowed her way through the rest of the contestants, gabbing, and cackling like a brood of hens. She sneered. Didn’t the game matter? She skidded to a stop and breathed down her opponent’s neck. Spying tiny hairs standing at attention, she egged her on. “You’re gonna choke.”

Her opponent chuckled and flipped her back. She swung back her right arm and lobbed…a gutter ball.

The Alter Ego rubbed her clammy hands. “I’m gonna win.”

Her rival tossed the ball in the air. It landed in her palm like it belonged.

The Alter Ego held her breath.

Her opponent’s ball bounced, knocking over a two pin.

“Phew!” The Alter Ego spewed out spit that dribbled down her chin. “Up by two points.” Still, she knew it was down to the wire.

Her rival glanced over her shoulder. A smirk danced across her face. She flattened the remaining pins and won by two points.

The Alter Ego dropped her head to her chest, shuffled back to her lane, and flopped down on the bench. She kicked off her shoes. A pungent odor rose to meet her flared nostrils. She wrinkled her nose.

The champion strutted over.

The Alter Ego jumped up and gripped her rival’s hand. “Just wait until our next match.”

I’d had enough of the Alter Ego’s nonsense. I stuffed her back into her shell, and then smiled at my friend. “See you at church on Sunday.”

“If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it.”

Tennessee Williams

Illustration courtesy of


About Tracy Campbell

Tracy Campbell is a published artist of calendars, wrapping paper, and gift cards, and as an author of how-to-paint magazine articles, her happy heart sings again sharing the work of her hands through "Calm Coloring: Faith, Hope & Love (Art and Soul Therapy for Kids-At-Heart)". When Tracy's not writing, she loves to sharpen pencils, flip open paint lids, and yank off marker caps to create whimsical works of art just for ewe. Customers say her art is sweet and so warm the designs might leap off the page and land right in your heart. She lives with her supportive hubby and fur baby in Wasaga Beach (the Canadian tourist town known for having the longest freshwater beach in the world). Tracy is also a rare breed dog owner, motorcycle momma, a sinner saved by grace, and a collector of roosters and sheep (thankfully, not live ones). For inspirational and uplifting posts, visit Tracy's website at Follow Tracy on Amazon over at and be notified of future books too.

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    • Hi Joe:

      Thank you so much for leaving such a positive comment.

      After reading “About” you, your passion for writing and music is evident.

      And I was impressed by your second post, in that, you’ve taken the time to shine the spotlight on others.

      Keep it up!

  1. So funny Tracey because I was there:) Loved it!!! Great word picture and a good reminder that in the end we need to keep our alter Ego under control:)
    Way to pull one out!!!

    • I’m so glad you found it funny. And it appears I got my point across.
      It’s a good thing I went bowling, because as you know, I didn’t have a
      clue on what I was going to post.

  2. Ha ha, funny lady! I was there too and didn’t appear to meet your alter ego – although she sounds a bit like mine! 🙂 You painted a pretty picture with this blog!

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