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My front porch post – © Tracy Campbell


Let me finish.

This is my last blog post because…I’m moving!


To a self-hosted, WordPress blog. Actually, I’ve moved and you just didn’t know it.


Features were missing on WordPress.com that I wanted.

Like What?


  • I wanted a unique blog

Imagine a world where all blogs were the same. Boring! So that’s why my patient, tech savvy designer, Karen Behne implemented my quirky ideas to create a blog and a website that reflects my wacky style. (Don’t peek yet!)

Unfortunately, I can’t take you with me and that means I run the risk of losing many of you.

Now What?

You’ll have to sign up again. Perhaps, after you visit my new blog and website you will,—sign up that is! I can only hope. 🙂

If I’ve piqued your curiosity, you’ll just have to pop on over and check out my new blog. And on my website, you’ll find a project I’ve finally completed, and I have another project in the works–details to be revealed at a later date.

Now that I’ve spread my wings and I’m soaring, I leave you with my butchered rendition of So Long, Farewell from the Sound of Music.

So Long, Farewell

There’s a sad sort of clanging

From the tractor in our barn,

And a gray field mouse squeaks, too.

Peering out the window

From my cozy studio,

A furry Crested yaps

along with me to say,

So long, farewell,

Auf Widersehen,


So long, farewell,

Adios, Adieu, Au revoir,

To you and you, and you!

I leave and sigh.

Oh no, I’m glad to go,

I must not tell a lie.

So long, farewell,

Auf Widersehen,


Don’t forget to visit me at my new and improved blogging homeclick here

Thank you! 🙂

Please leave your comments on my new blog.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Terrol!

So Long, Farewell – This Is My Last Blog Post!


Summer, Short & Sweets – Week 3 – Are You Up For The Challenge?


The 3rd installment of Summer, Short & Sweets was tougher. At least for me.

Did I harbor thoughts of backing out?

No way. But I admit it’s taken me longer to come up with something half decent. I’m blaming it on my wacky, whirlwind, weekend.

Now then, are you ready for this week’s Summer, Short & Sweets?

We’re on the honour system again—no scrolling down the page.

Wait! Grab a pen and paper, and then we’re off.

I’ve posted Susanna Leonard Hill’s instructions, hoping my non-writer and writing friends might be tempted to jump in the ring and give it a whirl.

Take it away Susanna!

“Write down the following things in a list bearing in mind that everything below is supposed to be related so it can hang together:

1.  A noun (you know, a good old person place or thing)

2.  A color that describes that noun or some part of that noun you’d like to highlight (e.g. red, or, lavender, or, cerulean)

3.  A comparison to that color (in the manner of simile or metaphor e.g. summer sunset, or, shadowed snow on a January evening)

4.  Something that belongs to your noun written as adjective, adjective noun (e.g. wide, feathered tail, or, slim, brown limbs, or brass ratcheted gears)

5.  A verb ending in -ing that is something your noun could do (e.g. soaring, or, stretching, or, grappling)

6. Another verb ending in -ing that is something else your noun could do (e.g. sailing, or, reaching, or, frowning)

7. A place written as: preposition [a/an/the] adjective adjective noun (e.g. over [a] broad green valley, or, across [the] shimmering shining stream)

8. A description of something your noun could do in relation to something else, written as:  verb ending in -ing preposition adjective noun (e.g. scouting for silver salmon, or, basking on sun-baked sand, or, digging up acorn jewels) – (yes, I realize “for” is a conjunction, not a preposition, but you can use it if you want.  The reason I didn’t put conjunction is because the others – and, or, nor, but, yet – won’t work.  But use “for” if you want.

9. Repeat #8 with another description (e.g. plunging toward immovable earth)

10. Repeat #8 with a final description (e.g. hoping for sweet success, or, diving for delicious dinner)

11. A simile for the action in #10 (e.g. like a rocket ship, or, like a bow drawn across singing strings)

12.  Your original noun from #1

Okay! Got your list? What we are accomplishing here is part Madlib, part poetry, and will hopefully result in lots of descriptive poems (ha-ha – like how I tricked you into writing a poem?) that will also serve as story sparkers by giving all the devoted readers specific, detailed, poetic descriptions of characters, settings, or objects that they could use in a story! For those of you who write picture books, there are a lot of similarities between picture books and poetry, so this is good practice.

So do you get the idea?  You may of course tweak a bit.  If you need a different verb form or fewer adjectives or an extra word or one less line or two colors, etc. feel free to change it up.”

Use the template below, type in your poem, and then post your comment on Susanna’s blog.

I am [a/an/the] noun from #1
Color from #2 as [a/an/the] comparison from #3  
With [a/an/the] adjective adjective noun from #4  
Verb from #5, verb from #6
Preposition [a/an/the] adjective adjective noun from #7  
Description from #8
Description from #9
Description from #10
Like [a/an/the] simile from #11
I am [a/an/the] noun from #1

Here’s my example:

I am a gymnast

Brighter than a twinkling, yellow star

With muscular, lean limbs

Leaping, lunging

Before cheering, crazed fans

Striving for the elusive, glimmering gold medal

Tumbling toward the Olympic dream

Nailing tough, bare soles

Like a hammer driving in a stake

I am a gymnast

I couldn’t find a photo of a gymnast wearing yellow. Oh well.

I’m sure you can do better than this. So join in the fun.

And if writing isn’t your cup of tea, please leave a comment if you’ve enjoyed this post.

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Do You Need Inspiration to Achieve Your Goals?


Illustration courtesy of http://www.imageshack.us

Influence others positively by being a teacher, coach,

counselor, or mentor.”

Stephen Post, PhD and Jill Neimark, Why Good Things Happen to Good People

I don’t “feel” like posting today. I’m pooped—worked too many hours this week (12 most days). I have no clue again, what I’ll write about. So I scratch my head and think, and think, and pray. Poof! Another brilliant idea pops into my head. Ah, I’ll write a post about other bloggers who may not realize what an inspiration and encouragement they are to me.

I’ve mentioned before, blogging isn’t just about tooting my horn, it’s about building relationships and offering encouragement. I need inspiration every day. I need inspiration to move forward with my creative endeavours, to foster positive thoughts, and to feed my emotional and spiritual sides. And I need to stimulate my mind so I don’t end up with Alzheimer’s (hopefully).

So without further ado…drum roll please. I’ll direct the spotlight on a few blogs (not in any particular order) that I follow for encouragement, inspiration, and writing advice. Oh yes, and to tickle my funny bone.

Marcy Kennedy is a fantasy writer, freelance editor, and writing instructor who believes there’s always hope. She says, “Sometimes you just have to dig a little harder to find it.” Marcy “does” make me dig hard and deep, and wide.

Stephanie Nickel’s blog title pretty much sums up her wide range of eclectic interests. She says, “The “everything but…” stands for “everything but the kitchen sink. As you can tell from Confessions…the kitchen sink and I don’t spend a lot of time together.” Stephanie is one of my cheerleaders and she makes me laugh.

Brenda J. Wood delivers messages from the heart for daily living. Daily, I read her book Heartfelt Devotionals, a contemporary devotional for today’s women. Brenda makes me laugh and cry.

Kristen Lamb is the author of the best-selling books We Are Not Alone—The Writer’s Guide to Social Media and Are You There, Blog? It’s Me, Writer. Kristen’s posts give me the impetus I need to move forward with my creative endeavors.

Visit Janice Hardy’s blog, The Other Side of the Story, where you can chat with her about writing. I read every single post and file them under “exceptional writing tips.”

Susanna Leonard Hill is an author of books for children. Check out Airplane Flight, April Fool, Phyllis!, Can’t Sleep Without Sheep, Freight Train Trip, No Sword Fighting In The House, Not Yet, Rose, Punxsutawney Phyllis, Taxi, and The House That Mack Built. She shares her adventures in the wonderful world of children’s literature with parents, teachers, librarians, and other writers. I follow Susanna around like a puppy dog, eager to learn all I can about writing for children.

Thank you, ladies! Even though I may not comment that often on your blogs, just know you inspire and help me to achieve my goals. And you were the inspiration for this post.

And to all of you who take time to pop by and read my posts, to those who “like” them, and to those who comment, I just want to say…thank you!

If you’ve read this far down the page, I hope you enjoyed this post. If so, please leave a comment. Oh yes, and enter your email address after clicking the “Sign Me Up!” button to receive free updates every time I post.

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Poetry or Prose Contest – Happy Birthday! You’re One


Susanna Leonard Hill, a published children’s author, is running a contest. The rules stipulate that entrants write a children’s story about a very creative and/or unique birthday celebration in 300 words or less in either poetry or prose. The entry must be posted on their blog between Saturday, May 19th, and Tuesday, May 22, 2012.

So I’m taking the plunge and entering Happy Birthday! You’re One. This poem is one that I’ve written for my baby’s first year record book. I’ve also included the illustration that inspired this poem and that appears in the book. The artwork made its debut in my previously published calendar.

Happy Birthday! You’re One


I shoved invitations through a thin little slot,

The envelopes slid down the chute, mailing the lot.

I poked, emailed, and sent out oodles of tweets,

So family and friends could have a bash in the street.


I yanked open the oven, pulled out steamy, hot buns,

Then swirled icing on a sponge cake no one would shun.

I dressed you in bright colors of green and red,

And plunked a cone hat on top of your soft, downy head.


The guests arrived bearing gifts of all kinds,

You squealed with delight, ‘cuz you sure didn’t mind.

We whacked the piñatas, spilling candies galore.

Then you licked a lolly and plopped to the floor.


 I flipped hotdogs and burgers on our new barbecue,

Then I blew out your candle before you turned two.

Your eyelids did droop, though horns they did toot,

Time to dole out bags packed with loads of fun loot.


The sun disappeared out of our sight for the night.

 I kissed your cheek and tucked you in tight.

“Happy Birthday,” I hummed, “my sweet, little pet,

Today you turned one, a birthday I’ll never forget.”


Happy Birthday! You’re One

The finalists’ poetry or prose will be posted on Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog for you to vote on starting Monday, May 28th, and will stay up throughout Tuesday.

And here’s my blurb that I’ll submit to an agent. Don’t hold your breathe. It’s a lengthy process that will test my endurance.

OUR STORY—YOU & ME is sprinkled with quaint quotes and brimming with quirky rhymes that mirror my whimsical works of art. This unique diaper bag-sized keepsake book will appeal to mommies and expectant mommies who want to capture the milestones of their baby’s first year.

The book is unique in that it elevates a record book to an early-reader storybook a mom can read to her child. In the years to follow, they’ll giggle together, pouring over candid photos like a toothless grin, wobbly first steps, the ultrasound, and other special mementos. There’s a bonus envelope to preserve a lock of hair, a hospital bracelet, and immunization records.

Have an awesome long weekend!

  This poem and artwork is the property of the author. Please do not re-print or re-post.

Book Review – White Collar Skid Row


In January, I signed up with BookCrash. A free book to review, enticed me. “Free” being the operative word. But nothing is free. There’s a price to pay. I promised to provide an “honest” review for “White Collar Skid Row”, a true story written by Melissa Ann Bell.

So I’ll jump right in. The front cover and the title captured my attention. The back blurb intrigued me.

“Think it Can’t Happen to You? Melissa’s faith was strong; she knew she could never fall for the wrong guy. But when she met a charming doctor who was in rehab for alcoholism, their love challenged all she believed to be true about herself.”

The book is the account one woman’s transformation from caregiver to enabler, and her desperate attempts to control her husband’s dysfunctional behavior. This book may appeal to others dealing with a spouse addicted to drugs and alcohol. It makes one realize you can’t change someone’s behavior. They have to want change. The dialogue was realistic and projected a Christian viewpoint.

Melissa Ann Bell’s compassion for her family and her husband was admirable. I commend this author for sharing her story and her faith. And anyone that lives within the confines of a dysfunctional marriage for 25 years deserves two gold medals.

However, the font was small. The margins were only a quarter-inch. This could have easily been a 500 page book. When I’m engrossed in a good book, I can finish it in six hours. This one took six weeks.

I didn’t find the story gripping. She “told” her story rather than “showing” me what took place. There were sections that appealed to me. But when I started to picture an event unfolding–poof, I was transported elsewhere. There were issues with sentence structure and punctuation.

The epilogue tied up the ends. I would have preferred a condensed version.

To comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s regulations, I must mention that the publisher provided me with a complimentary copy of the book through BookCrash.