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Week 6 – Summer Short & Sweet Challenge – Have You Been Bullied?


This week, Susanna Leonard Hill’s Week 6 challenge is to come up with a pitch for a picture book. I offered sweets in my first pitch.

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A writer needs to include three key elements for a successful pitch—character, conflict, and stakes.

Susanna’s definition is a:
“[Character] who [a unique, special, or defining characteristic of said character] wants/needs [goal] more than anything but can’t get it because of [obstacle(s)].

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write an awesome pitch (or 2 or 3) for a picture book. The fun part? It doesn’t have to be for a book you’ve written. Or even intend to write.

It can be a pitch for something you think up right here right now this very second! Or a pitch for a work-in-progress! Or a pitch for a bit of an idea you’ve been ruminating on since breakfast! Or a pitch for someone else’s published book – you take the story and boil it down into a pitch! Or take the idea from someone else’s published book, or a nursery rhyme, or a fairy tale, and change a detail of the plot, setting, character, POV etc. and make it into a new pitch idea! Anything goes!”

The challenge got me thinking about bullies.

Tracy Campbell - Whimsical Work of Art

Tracy Campbell – Whimsical Work of Art

Here are four scenarios:
Your boss threatens your job when you refuse to work weekends
Your ex-spouse threatens to keep your children from you
The new kid in class threatens to beat you up
The big, bad wolf threatens little red riding hood

Yes, bullies exist even in fiction. And no matter our age, we’ve all encountered a bully or two.

So here’s my first pitch on a fairy tale.

Timid, red riding hood needs to swallow her fear when the big, bad wolf breaks into her cottage, snatching her last batch of oatmeal cookies.

Here’s a second pitch from my middle grade novel.

Working Title: “Georgia Rose McLean and the Poisonous Paper Plane”

A new boy in class jams bubblegum into eight-year-old, impulsive, Georgie’s ponytail. When her hair-brained scheme for revenge backfires, she thinks she can never go home.

My pitch needs work. A pitch should be no more than 25 words. An ideal pitch is 12 to 17 words.

For more information on what makes up a good pitch, check out Janice Hardy’s blog post

To find out what some of the top fears and concerns parents may have about sending their children off to their first day of school, check out Positive Parental Participation’s blog post. 

Have you dealt with a bully? How did you handle the bully? Would you have handled it differently?

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Do You Need Inspiration to Achieve Your Goals?


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Influence others positively by being a teacher, coach,

counselor, or mentor.”

Stephen Post, PhD and Jill Neimark, Why Good Things Happen to Good People

I don’t “feel” like posting today. I’m pooped—worked too many hours this week (12 most days). I have no clue again, what I’ll write about. So I scratch my head and think, and think, and pray. Poof! Another brilliant idea pops into my head. Ah, I’ll write a post about other bloggers who may not realize what an inspiration and encouragement they are to me.

I’ve mentioned before, blogging isn’t just about tooting my horn, it’s about building relationships and offering encouragement. I need inspiration every day. I need inspiration to move forward with my creative endeavours, to foster positive thoughts, and to feed my emotional and spiritual sides. And I need to stimulate my mind so I don’t end up with Alzheimer’s (hopefully).

So without further ado…drum roll please. I’ll direct the spotlight on a few blogs (not in any particular order) that I follow for encouragement, inspiration, and writing advice. Oh yes, and to tickle my funny bone.

Marcy Kennedy is a fantasy writer, freelance editor, and writing instructor who believes there’s always hope. She says, “Sometimes you just have to dig a little harder to find it.” Marcy “does” make me dig hard and deep, and wide.

Stephanie Nickel’s blog title pretty much sums up her wide range of eclectic interests. She says, “The “everything but…” stands for “everything but the kitchen sink. As you can tell from Confessions…the kitchen sink and I don’t spend a lot of time together.” Stephanie is one of my cheerleaders and she makes me laugh.

Brenda J. Wood delivers messages from the heart for daily living. Daily, I read her book Heartfelt Devotionals, a contemporary devotional for today’s women. Brenda makes me laugh and cry.

Kristen Lamb is the author of the best-selling books We Are Not Alone—The Writer’s Guide to Social Media and Are You There, Blog? It’s Me, Writer. Kristen’s posts give me the impetus I need to move forward with my creative endeavors.

Visit Janice Hardy’s blog, The Other Side of the Story, where you can chat with her about writing. I read every single post and file them under “exceptional writing tips.”

Susanna Leonard Hill is an author of books for children. Check out Airplane Flight, April Fool, Phyllis!, Can’t Sleep Without Sheep, Freight Train Trip, No Sword Fighting In The House, Not Yet, Rose, Punxsutawney Phyllis, Taxi, and The House That Mack Built. She shares her adventures in the wonderful world of children’s literature with parents, teachers, librarians, and other writers. I follow Susanna around like a puppy dog, eager to learn all I can about writing for children.

Thank you, ladies! Even though I may not comment that often on your blogs, just know you inspire and help me to achieve my goals. And you were the inspiration for this post.

And to all of you who take time to pop by and read my posts, to those who “like” them, and to those who comment, I just want to say…thank you!

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