Do You Journal?

One of the blogs I follow—Girls With Pens—posted their #13 writing prompt. 
Here’s what Lisa and Marcy had to say, “Do you journal? I don’t always journal, but I do find the process extremely cathartic. Some people have enough self-discipline to journal every day. There’s something to be said for taking time every day to write about the one thing that’s impacted you the most that day whether it was a person, place or event.”
They added, “In no more than 300 words take a moment from your journal (or something that would have made it into your journal if you kept one) and write it out as a short story or scene for a book. Protect the innocent with new names if necessary. Write it as fiction, non-fiction, poetry – up to you. Post your story here in the comments, or leave a link to your blog/website/google doc instead.”
I can’t resist a challenge, so I penned a true story. I know what you’re thinking, “You went over the allotted 300 words.” Oh well.
I couldn’t wait to add to my collection of leather jackets. I was like Imelda Marcos, only I didn’t collect shoes. Oh, wait. Yes, I did. Gulp. My shoulders drooped, remembering my purse collection that spilled onto the floor after I yanked open the closet door the other day.
Then an image of Mom popped into my head. She frowned, creasing her brow. “Don’t you think you have enough leather hanging in your closet?
I picked up the phone and with jittery fingers punched in her number.
“Hi, Mom. Guess what?” I said with a delightful squeal.
“What, Tracy?”
I jumped up and down. “You’ll never guess.”
“Not unless you tell me.”
I visualized Mom pacing back and forth in her kitchen.
My heart thumped. “I won.” I kicked up my legs, clicked my heels together and performed a happy dance around the family room.
“What did you win?”
I left her dangling on the other end, drawing out the suspense. “I can’t believe it,” I said, my voice squeaking.
“I’m waiting,” Mom said with an impatient tone.
I grinned. “I just received an email. I won a five hundred-dollar gift certificate.”
“You what?” She sucked in a breath. “Now, Tracy. Are you sure it’s… not a scam?”
Imagining she had paused to plant a hand on her hip, I said, “I’m positive. Do you remember when we went shopping last month?”
“And I bought those leather jackets. The black and the lavender–
“Tracy, please.”
“Chill, Mom. Remember I entered my email address in a draw for a gift certificate?”
“No, but go on.”
“Well… I hit the reply button on my laptop and ten minutes later the marketing manager from Danier Leather emailed back asking what store did I want to pick up the gift certificate from?”
She sighed. “That’s wonderful.”
“Oh, by the way, did I tell you that three weeks ago when I was at a wedding shower I won a jar of pink jelly beans?”
“No, you didn’t.”
“Oh. Doesn’t matter. Anyway, I’ve never won anything in my life before. And stuff happens in three’s. So I wonder what else I’ll win.” I chuckled. “And the best part—
“What’s the best part?”
“We’re going on a shopping spree. I know you had your eye on that leather jacket and I want to buy it for you.”
“You don’t have to do that?”
“Um…I know, but I want to. You deserve it, Mom.” My voice cracked, recalling the times she had encouraged my writing addiction.
Mom choked up on the other end of the line.
“Okay, Mom, I’ve got to run and finish my happy dance. I love you.”
“I love you too… and thank you.”
“You’re worth it.” I depressed the end button. It was about time I did something nice for Mom.
Hmm… I wonder what style of jacket I’ll purchase when we go shopping next week.
Drop me a line and let me know how you performed an act of kindness for your Mom? Or answer the question posted by the Girls With Pens.
I’d love to hear all about it.

About Tracy Campbell

Tracy Campbell is a published artist of calendars, wrapping paper, and gift cards, and as an author of how-to-paint magazine articles, her happy heart sings again sharing the work of her hands through "Calm Coloring: Faith, Hope & Love (Art and Soul Therapy for Kids-At-Heart)". When Tracy's not writing, she loves to sharpen pencils, flip open paint lids, and yank off marker caps to create whimsical works of art just for ewe. Her customers say her art is so sweet and warm the designs might leap off the page and land right in your heart. She lives with her supportive hubby and fur baby in Wasaga Beach (the Canadian tourist town known for having the longest freshwater beach in the world). Tracy is also a rare breed dog owner, motorcycle momma, a sinner saved by grace, and a collector of roosters and sheep (thankfully, not live ones). Visit Tracy's website for inspirational and uplifting posts. Follow Tracy on Amazon over at and be notified of future books too.

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